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WoW Video's
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I've been trying to think of some good machinema like video's to do in World of Warcraft.  Emotes and such might make it possible to do a few running video's.  I don't think I would want to do a series, something like BC, just maybe a few short video's that might feature the same characters.

Here's some characters i've been thinking of.  I'm sure all yall could think of better ones so help me out.

Barry "Whitehoof of the northern sky" Smith - Hunter who tries to talk like he's a native american, says things like "I can tell the buffalo once grazed here" or "it was many moons ago" when he's obviously a white guy - some jokes may include having his orcish wife yell at him and he drops the whole indian thing and people around him snicker.

A rogue - concept is he's always hyperactive and insists on taking out everything, from gazelles to dragons.  Always boasting about how good he is with his weapons and never stops jumping around.  Whenever he loses a battle he insists the other person cheated.

A warrior - the cool headed one of the group

A Druid - No one knows exactly what he does in the party.  They keep giving him things like mail armor and wands, asking for ports and telling.  Keeps to himself.

Karginian the tall - Arch nemesis of the party, a gnome, who tries and foil the quests the main party takes on.

Here's a few story examples.

The party is looking for a paticular breed of scorpians so Nara Wildmane in ThunderBluff can make a cool hat for a birthday party, they cannot find them, then one person in the group says "Well, I'll just use this book called thotts book of quests to see how people have done this before"  "Wait a minute, someone else has already done this?"  "Yeah.. why"  "Then why the fuck are we doing it?  We could be out stopping dragons or alliance and were we are helping some bitch make a hat she's already made" "I don't give a shit how many hats she has, she's paying us 40 silver" "Thats it? I wipe my ass with 40 silver" and so on... blah

Another one (making fun of PvE servers)

The party meets up with Karginian the tall, who walks up to them and tells them that they will all meet certain doom.
Warrior:  Here's an idea, he's outnumbered, why don't we just kill him?
Karginian: AHA YOU CAN"T, I don't WANT to be attacked right now
Rogue: yeah we can't attack him right now
Warrior: Umm.. why not?
Hunter: If he does not wish to be attacked, we may not attack him, that is the will of the earth mother
Warrior: Bullshit, I have a sword, why should him not wanting to be attacked stop me?
Druid:  Thats the way it is, Mate
Warrior:  So.. he can wonder our lands, and as long as he doesn't want to be attacked, or go near our city, we can't stop him?
(everyone at once) Yup
Warrior: ... This is the dumbest fucking war of all time
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